Argentina Today

IMG_0290One of the most inspiring parts of my time in Buenos Aires was a visit to La Parque de la Memoria, a park right on la Rio de la Plata which is home to a large collection of artwork inspired by the dictatorship. Though the nation looks back on those years with with tearful eyes, many Argentines are proud of their growth since then and the progress that has been made to remember the past and move on towards the future. This memorial truly encompasses that idea.

Here are some of my photographs of the pieces:


A sculpture representing the disappeared women, pregnant women, and men.img_2902

A representation of the clandestine detention centers where the disappeared were held captive.


The “little school” was one of the infamous clandestine detention centers.img_2908

During the dictatorship, the legislature was dissolved and protests were illegal. Justice was skewed and censorship prevailed.img_2911



Electric shock was a common form of torture.img_2914

The “flights of death” – the military drugged “subversives” before throwing them out of military planes while flying over the river or ocean.



“The list on this monument is of victims of state terrorism – detained, disappeared, murdered and those that died fighting for the same ideals of justice and equity.”


img_2920 img_2904-1    img_2932


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